Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pricing and What to Bring Along

Pricelist (click on photo to zoom in)

What to prepare before bike fit session:
Do not cycle or workout heavily 1-2 days before bike fitting. Muscles need to be fresh.  
2. Bring bicycle, cycling shoes and pants, towel, gloves and water bottle.
4. Sense of humour and calm nerves are a must, need patience to get the perfect fit.
5. Bring along your favourite music, coffee mug, etc, you get the idea, right?
6. Try not to schedule on a busy day as the session might take longer than it should.

Step-by-step process of LRC Bike Fitting session:
  1. Review on customer's current dissatisfaction with their riding experience.
  2. Record current bicycle dimensions.
  3. Measure foot-tilt-angle (FTA), leg-length-difference (LLD), shoulder widths, etc.
  4. Install sloping wedges and/or shims to shoes to compensate FTA and LLD.
  5. Customer warms up on trainer.
  6. Power output observed using power wattage meter linked to trainer.
  7. Explanation on proper road biking posture and pedal stroke method. 
  8. Riding habits and posture observed and corrected if improper.
  9. Adjustments made to main contact points.
  10. Knee alignment measured with laser guides.
  11. Customer continues to ride and communicate on difficulties, discomfort, numbness, pain, etc. 
  12. Further adjustments made until customer is satisfied with improvement.
  13. Bike dimensions are recorded and compared to initial figures.
  14. Recommendations are recorded and informed to customer.

What happens after LRC Bike Fitting session?

  • Customer to cycle as per regular basis.
  • Feedback to LRC-Chuah on any immediate pain/discomfort.
  • 1-4 rides: Body taking in new muscle memory. Improvement might not be obvious.
  • 5-8 rides: New (better) muscle memory set in and rider will gain improvement.
  • Free follow-up update fitting within 3-months when rider improved and feels the current fit is outdated, e.g. cockpit feels cramp, saddle feels low.

To understand more about bike fitting, please visit:

Contact: 012-232-4868 Chuah (Watsapp/SMS or call) .

Google/Waze Location: Jalan Hujan Bukit

Located in: Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (nearby Bukit Jalil & Sri Petaling)

Thanks very much. Ride safe and have fun..!!

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