Friday, October 10, 2014

Customer Testimonials

Post Melaka Century 150km ride review from my customer. He's 57 years old and such an impressive achievement..!! 

2014-Oct-6: Customer did his first and longest 200km ride few days after bike fitting..!! He was having a painful right foot before with 80-90km rides. We switched out his saddle as the old one was too narrow and he was rocking side to side. We did some cleat rotation adjustments and worked on his pedalling technique and problem solved:

All the way from Seremban came a live-to-ride, ride-to-live seasoned rider who was previously capable of 200-250km per week until knee pain started 6 months back. After some discussion and measurements, we suspected foot-tilt-angle (FTA) was the main culprit which was silently destroying his knee as he was riding with a self-compensating knee position to achieve comfort and this eventually turned into a habit. We installed some wedges and spacers to straighten up his knee-to-pedal alignment. Following 3 weeks of riding he's pretty much back into his old form and knee pains are gone:

Customer who came for bike fit due to minor discomfort, however he gained more than just comfort after being taught proper weight distribution technique:

Arm and neck discomforts are commonly caused wrongly sized handlebar. Wider doesn't mean more stable, as the following is a case where i installed a narrower bar for a lady customer and she end up having better control of her bike:

Pedalling efficiency is the key to enjoy road biking:

Here's a junior 14yrs old cyclist who is just starting out and have a bike sized too big for him, suffering from backaches, arm soreness and muscle strain. We swapped out and dropped in a straight seat post to correct his leg angles, then reduced reach of stem, and finally worked on pedalling technique as well:

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Contact: 012-232-4868 Chuah (Watsapp/SMS or call) .

Google/Waze Location: Jalan Hujan Bukit

Located in: Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (nearby Bukit Jalil & Sri Petaling)

Thanks very much. Ride safe and have fun..!!

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